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Digital Marketing Team Structure

The Ideal Marketing Team Structure in 2022

Digital marketing has forever transformed the way companies and organisations operate and communicate with their customers. With a digital-first mindset, traditional brick and mortar businesses to multinational corporations are seeking the best digital team structures with the aim to optimise marketing spend, improve marketing ROI and accomplish organisational goals.

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Drupal vs WordPress: What's The Best CMS in 2021?

The Wordpress vs Drupal question is not always an easier one to answer. Visual Metrics works with both platforms to meet the different needs of our clients across many industries, which gives us great insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each tool. Drupal and Wordpress are both great CMSs, but not without their shortcomings, and this is why it all comes down to choosing the right platform for the one website that you are building. 

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Drupal 7 End of Life: What Are The Next Steps?

Drupal is constantly evolving to create new solutions, and with that comes the inevitable end for the old ones. Drupal 7, first released in January 2011, is now reaching its end of life (EOL), which will take place in November 2022. At that time, official support for Drupal 7 from the Drupal community will come to an end, including enhancements, updates and security fixes from the Drupal Security Team and the Drupal Association. This is an important moment to recall the novelties Drupal 7 brought in relation to the previous versions and to explore what to expect from the new Drupal 9!

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Low Code vs No Code: Differences and Similarities

Low-code and no-code platforms are bringing about the biggest transformation in the IT world since cloud-based software. We have seen how cloud-based software like Google Docs took the world by storm and forced traditional providers to change and adapt overnight. And now we are about to see another massive change in the software industry - the rise of low-code and no-code platforms that have the potential to make software development so easy and accessible that almost anyone can do it. 

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10 Reasons Why Drupal remains a leading CMS in 2021

Selecting a Content Management System (CMS) is a very important decision when it comes to building your new website. The wrong CMS can be detrimental to your site and can leave your users and your organisation unsatisfied in many ways. If the CMS does not provide enough customisation tools to create human-centric and personalised experiences, your website might lose pace with your customer needs and fail to meet your KPIs. If the CMS is not capable of scaling up to high-volume workloads, your website risks having slow page loading, poor web performance, low security, and even crashing when dealing with high traffic. For your team, the wrong CMS can be hard to use, wasting your precious time and energy fighting with the software to make it do what you want. When you are investing tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars with the hope to launch a fantastic website, the chosen CMS should live up to, and even exceed, your expectations, and Drupal CMS can be the one. 

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